Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In A Perfect World: Amazon Prime

IMO, Amazon Prime is a fantastic program for customers of Amazon.com. For a $79 annual membership each member receives the following: (Right now you can try it for a Month for Free)
  • Unlimited Express Shipping - Free Two-Day shipping on over a million in-stock items sold by Amazon.com. $3.99 overnight shipping if you order by 6:30PM ET. This comes in handy during the Holidays when you wait until the last minute to buy presents like I do.
  • No Minimum Order - There's no need to group items to save on shipping. Order what you want, when you want. If you only want 1 thing right now, why wait until you can come up with $25 worth of product to get free shipping. With Prime you get the product in two days rather than 8-14 with Super-Saver shipping. Now you can buy my $2.97 CD and get it in 2-days with Free shipping. (Of course I won't mind if you buy a few more of my items either)
  • Share Your Benefits - Share one membership with up to four additional accounts in the same household and get even more value.

In a Perfect World:

  • Sellers who use Amazon FBA for fulfillment could offer Amazon Prime shipping on their eBay listings. Imagine the Competitive advantage that would give you; not to mention your S&H DSRs would improve dramatically and I can't see how eBay could restrict you from offering Amazon Prime, especially since they are all about improving the "Buyer Experience" Of course Amazon would have to come up with special Prime fulfillment fees for orders placed outside of Amazon.com.
  • 3P Merchants, who use Amazon FBA for fulfillment, could offer Amazon Prime shipping on their websites.
  • Imagine being able to get the benefit of a Prime Membership on both eBay, Amazon and independent websites. That adds value to a Prime Membership.
  • Amazon Prime should also be part of the Amazon's Associate program. Sellers should get a referral fee for signing up new Prime members and Bloggers like me would like to get a referral for promoting the product. (I'm not making anything from this post)

Full disclosure: I'm promoting Amazon Prime for selfish reasons. The more Prime customers Amazon gets, the more potential customers I have more my product, since I sell on Amazon and use FBA.

Prime customers don't buy from 3P merchants who do not use FBA, so I have a competitive advantage. The big 3P merchants don't use FBA for various reasons and many would have to change their entire business model to start using FBA, so at least for the short-term us little guys have a chance.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with. AS a Amazon Prime member, I don't buy from seller with no prime service, unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes it is not even about price, it is about shopping experience.

I wish there are more sellers using FBA like you. :)