Friday, April 18, 2008

How's Business?

Ina Steiner posted a question for sellers on her blog and I'm not trying to steal her thunder, but I thought I would ask the same question here.

Now that many of you have had a chance to look at your Q1 numbers, please use the comment section to tell me and my readers how you did. Ina will probably get most of her responses from eBay sellers, but I'd like to open it up to all online sellers.

If you have the data, please tell us how you did Q/Q and Y/Y and which marketplace is working the best for you? Please provide info on the category you sell in and if an eBay seller what your DSRs are and if you've made any changes to optimize your listings for Best Match.

Ina has about 5 comments so far, so make sure to check them out if you want any ideas how to present your numbers.



Katiyana said...

DSR's are 5.0, 4.9, 4.9, 4.9 as of this morning. 100% positive feedback eBayer since 1999.

I primarily sell in the doll & bears category, as well as trading cards and art supplies.

Q1 2008 vs Q1 2007

Overall gross revenues are up 12%. Looking only at eBay sales, however, they are down 31%. eBay as a % of my gross sales has decreased from 71% March 2007 to 52% March 2008. My other sales venues which are more than making up for the slack in eBay sales include Etsy, my own websites, affiliate income, and Squidoo revenues.

My net income for Q1/2008 set a new record for my business - but eBay is no longer the driving force of my business as it once was, it's just one piece in a very diversified sales mix.

Anonymous said...

March was brutal as far as ASP's.

April is looking up but only because I've changed my product mix.

Bottom line ebay always makes money.. I don't.

Anonymous said...

Had the best quarter in a while. Since ebay changed there fee structure I have put more merchandise on my site and have sold 33 percent more products. Ebay makes me alot of money.