Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feedback Changes at Amazon!

On April 8th, Amazon resumed testing a new "Leave seller feedback" page. The test is set up so that only half of Amazon customers will see the new version of the feedback page.

Here are some of the specific changes:

  • Amazon will begin collecting buyer feedback on orders that are cancelled before shipment is confirmed.

    Now that sellers have the ability to charge when items are shipped, Amazon will allow customers to leave feedback if an item is cancelled before payment. This could not be accomplished with the old feedback page.
  • Expected delivery dates are displayed more prominently. The message "If your order hasn't arrived yet, please note that it's still before the delivery estimate" is highlighted when appropriate.
  • The comments box is now below the optional questions, so buyers will be more likely to notice the questions before they leave a comment.

  • Buyers can get to the feedback page with only one click after logging in.

  • All feedback-eligible orders are visible on one page. Buyers can leave feedback on as many orders as they want without having to leave the page.

Well, something changed for the better, because I'm getting a lot more feedback on my orders since this change and that is a good thing. Traditionally on Amazon you get a much smaller percentage of customers who leave feedback which means even one negative or neutral can really affect your feedback score. I welcome any change that encourages more feedback.

UPDATE: For Q1 of 08 my percentage of customers who left feedback was 6%, a far cry from the 70% of eBay customers thhat left feedback when I was selling. Since Amazon began running the test on their feedback page that percentage has grown to 18%.

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