Wednesday, April 02, 2008

eBay's New Corporate Blog Goes Live!

The new eBayInk blog is up and running and at first glance it looks very interesting, though a little busy for my taste. I hope it becomes a valuable communication tool between eBay and its many constituents.

I just got off the phone with the new voice of eBay, Richard Brewer-Hay and he sounds like a good guy. So lets take it easy on him for the first couple of weeks, so he can get his feet wet.

I've added it to my Blogroll and I will be a frequent commenter on Richard's posts. Good Luck Richard!
Just my 12%


permacrisis said...

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the guy gets totally hooked on selling, "Goes Native", and strikes on May 1st!?

I know it's never gonna happen, besides he's not gonna blow this gig-- he's probably pulling down 175K for this assignment, (not enough in my opinion) but I can dream a little can't I?

Anonymous said...

How funny would it be if the blog turned into the eBay community chat pages - full of lunatics complaining about god knows what... If it's like any other eBay blog you know it will. I wonder how moderated the comments are going to be. said...

I took the time to read the posts and of all the posts nothing really critical was said in any posts. What the? Then I got to the bottom posting box where it says ebay will censor the comments here for any reason they deem fit. The blog is a TOTAL failure. They are censoring the negative comments. The negative comments are the comments EBAY needs to hear if they are ever going to patch things up with their sellers. That blog is pathetic joke.

Anonymous said...


Richard's head will morph larger and larger and will eventually dominate the middle section of the blog.

We will then realize, too late, that ebay is Big Brother.

Cliff said...

You know, I actually didn't think it was too busy at first, liked the design quite a bit actually, thought it was attractive and fit in with the eBay look.

But I had to go back three times before I realized there was more than one post. The archives are somewhat hidden and then once you find them they're not all that easy to navigate. If they could fix that I think they'd be in pretty good shape as far as the look and usability.

Randy Smythe said...

That's why I just use the RSS feed and read the posts that way. I had the same problems you did. I have to see if there is an RSS feed for the coments because some of them have been very interesting.

Cliff said...

I bookmarked the RSS too, though if I'm reading it right there hasn't been a post in a few days (just the original 5 still). I think they may want to look at your posting frequency if they want to claim a full-time blogger!

Randy Smythe said...

If he is only going to posting once or twice a week the blog won't get much traction.

At the very least he needs to be answering questions every day.

I'm usually done posting by 10:30 AM every day and then I respond to comments as they come through.

I still have several enough time to process my BuyBack orders and manage my Amazon business and occasionally play golf.

A full-time blogger should be posting full-time.

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