Wednesday, April 30, 2008

eBay Sues Craigslist, Now We Know Why!

eBay has made the document public and I've posted a link in case you want to look this over your selves. Have fun.

The New York Times has a pretty concise take on what transpired.


talalghosheh said...

Lots of legal issues in this one.. eek

Rich said...

I almost forgot that this is feeBay strike day. It's like sobriety---you take it one day at a time. I think it's going on 3 months since I listed an item. Paid my "bill" of $.75 yesterday.

The barn door has been closed too late by feeBay. They continue their innovation by acquisition, by dart board and by bullying tactics, but the playing field is leveling out anyway. They are trying to stop progress. One big move by Amazon, Google or MSN and they are shafted.

I smell ecommerce freedom!

Randy Smythe said...

Rich, here is the problem that I see:

Google doesn't understand ecommerce; Amazon wants no part of Auctions and MSN has their head up their ***

eBay knows this is the ecommerce landscape and is why they are directly targeting Amazon.

One additional comment. eBay has no clue how to run a retail business so they will never have the "buyer Expereience" that Amazon has.

Chris said...

Hey Randy,

I read your blog daily. What is your average profit on your FBA Amazon items? I was just curious. I know you sell low margin items. Do you have a 30 day average. Thanks guy.

Randy Smythe said...

Chris, I can't give you all of my numbers. COG varies. Let's just say I'm doing better than with Glacier Bay profit % wise.

It allows me to buy more product each week than I did the week before.

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