Monday, April 14, 2008 is Selling on eBay!

I just came across an interesting little tidbit that I thought I would share with all of you. It looks like online ecommerce site and recently launched 3P marketplace, has been selling on eBay for awhile --there user idea is of course "buy" and their store id is Buy's Internet Superstore

According to their feedback numbers, it looks as if they have really only sold aggressively for the last 6 months; even though the user ID has been in effect for 6 years.

They seem to be offering "free shipping" on most of their items and their DSRs and Feedback are very respectable. A quick check of Terapeak shows they are also doing a nice bit of business as well.

I find it very interesting that an eBay competitor would choose to sell their product on eBay, but heh, there is a "New World Order" on eBay these days. Is this the wave of the future? How long before we see the big box retailers like WalMart joining in?

In the past the economics and rules kept the big retailers off of eBay but it appears to be working for, so my guess is others will follow. Amazon has opened there doors to large retailers so it looks like eBay is following the same path.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

It's about customer acquisition. Buy is harvesting eBay buyers (and sellers) to enhance their own marketplace. It's like Amazon selling on eBay... where will they Buy the NEXT time? ;)

I'm surprised eBay allows it but they may have just found out.

Wal-Mart and non-marketplace sellers should be fine though.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, I have it on good authority that eBay has known about this for quite awhile and though I did not hear it exactly it was told to me in such a way as to suggest they have encouraged it.

Anonymous said...

This is a known relationship between and ebay. Ebay not only KNOWS about this...but is receiving either some kind of either free or discounted seller fees, thus making it harder if not impossible for the individual sellers to compete. Clearly ebay could care less about the thousands of sellers who made them what they are today. As a former powerseller who can no longer stand the crap piled upon me by ebay..I say it is very sad to see this company sink...and IT WILL SINK. I used to think of selling on ebay as the greatest opportunity in the, i equate them with the personification of evil and quite honestly wish them the worst!