Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breaking News About BayEstimator!

It looks like eBay heard you regarding the BayEstimator tool and though there is not a definitive date for a relaunch I did get this info from PeSA/ECMTA today.
  1. eBay agrees that the title tool is a valuable resource for sellers and that they can understand the need for such a tool.
  2. They are working on re-releasing the title tool to the selling community but can't offer any time frames or expectations at this time.
  3. They want to develop the tool to be more “Commercial” grade and designed for mass-use. So when it does come back, expect a much simpler version of the tool to be released than the version we previously saw. Things like individual word relevancy will be hard to incorporate in the new version of the tool. But identifying which words are good and which are bad is more in line with what to expect.
  4. They hope to have additional information available at the eCommerce Summit in New Orleans. (You can still sign-up for the conference)

I'll provide more information as soon as I get it. A special thanks to PeSA/ECMTA and keeping me in the loop.

Just my 12%


rich said...

"eBay agrees that the title tool is a valuable resource for sellers"

Now if eBay could once again become a valuable resource.[sighs...]

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