Friday, April 18, 2008

Amazon Experiences Glitches Also!

Some sellers are complaining that their seller funds are being held in reserve instead of being disbursed to their checking accounts. I checked my account and am not having any problems, but one seller who contacted me said that they have nearly $25,000 on hold at this time.

From time-to-time, Amazon holds funds so they can do a review of an account that has grown faster than normal, just a way of keeping problems from getting out of control. This does not appear to be the same type of hold.

Amazon is obviously aware of the problem because they posted this announcement in Seller Central.

Greetings from,

We are currently experiencing an issue in which some sellers' funds are being held in reserve in error. Impacted sellers will not be able to disburse funds until this issue is resolved.

Our engineers are actively engaged in restoring service and we will provide an update when the issue is resolved.

I've seen little glitches pop up every now and then with Amazon, but have found they are very responsive to support calls and generally resolve the problems in short order. Hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly.

It doesn't appear to be affecting too many people judging by the responses to the Seller Soapbox forum.

Just my 2 cents. (I'll be using this tagline for Amazon stories until it costs me more)

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