Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Thoughts!

Most bloggers take weekends off because readership is usually down and there aren't very many stories out there to write about. Since my routine is pretty much the same on weekends as it is during the week, I thought I would come up with a weekend posting strategy to encourage my readers to visit My Blog Utopia on the weekends. The question I aim to answer; is readership down on the weekends because readers are doing something else or is it down because bloggers are doing something else and readers don’t have any reason to read?

During the week my two most active referring networks, after Roadrunner, are eBay and Amazon and that traffic disappears on the weekends, presumably because eBay and Amazon employees are home with their families, but I can't imagine them going cold turkey all weekend, even if its only to sneak in a brief Internet session between mowing the lawn and watching the kids soccer game.

I also know that you eBay sellers are online everyday, checking sales and answering endless emails, unless of course you have people to do that. So I'm going to try and find something interesting for you as well. Nothing heavy, just something to read while you are drinking your morning coffee or before you take your Sunday afternoon nap (who gets a nap anymore).

My idea is to cover human-interest stories or find funny and entertaining stories related to online business, to give you a different flavor on the weekends. The idea is to reach out on weekends when the noise has died down a bit and see if I can spike readership because I’m providing something of value to my readers.

I know that several of you will have to change your routine and add reading Blog Utopia to your weekend schedule and I realize this may cause some brief anxiousness, but you will get over it shortly and soon I will be hearing complaints if I’m NOT posting something on the weekends.

So for those of you who are tuning in this weekend to see this post, thanks for dropping by.

Just my 12%


Cliff said...


You nailed it--eBayers like me are checking in 7 days a week because we're online anyway. And though it's late by most standards I'm having my morning coffee right now at 2 pm and was happy to see you have two new posts for me to read. So I for one would be reading any weekend posts.

I have you bookmarked to my Firefox toolbar, so I don't know how that shows up on your stats (direct referral maybe?), but anyway, I'm in that camp.

Of course if more than a few pipe up like me what you've managed to do here is give yourself a 7-day work week too, enjoy!


Randy Smythe said...

Cliff, I lead a very uneventful life. I'm single, my only son is 18 and I see him only in passing these days and my only real hobby is golf, which I can do after I post for the day.

I'm like you, online all the time. So doing this 7 days a week is a piece of cake. Finding enough to write about may be a problem but then again, I can always find some nonsense to post.

Anonymous said...

Most bloggers take weekends off...

Yeah. We don't have much else to do either...