Thursday, March 20, 2008

Subscribe to My Blog Utopia Reader?

Let me do the work for you! I spend most of my day surfing around the web looking for interesting articles on ecommerce, social networking, industry news, and other things that strike my fancy -- you shouldn't have to.

Each day I add 5 to 7 new articles and blog posts to My Blog Utopia Reader feed that may be of interest to you. There will be a lot of stories about eBay, Amazon and ecommerce and occasionally just some funny stuff I come across.

I can't comment on every article that I find of interest, so this feed allows me to add content for My Blog Utopia readers, without me having to add my 12%.

So why not subscribe to this excellent tool for keeping up with the ecommerce news of the day. Just consider it an extra value to what you read here on My Blog Utopia and best of all, its free.

Just my 12%

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