Saturday, March 29, 2008

Resources for 3P (Third Party) Sellers

Resources for 3P Sellers: I figured I would put together a list of services available to 3P Sellers to help you work through all of the options. This is not an extensive list but it will get you started.

3P Marketplaces: (They bring the customers)

  • eBay (Open to just about every product category)
  • Amazon (Limited number of categories but growing)
  • Overstock (Limited number of categories)
  • (New Marketplace with Limited number of Categories)
  • (Media Marketplace)
  • (UK Media Marketplace)
  • (Marketplace for Hand Made items)

3P Store Platforms: (You Bring the Customers)

3P Advertising Vehicles: (You Find the Customers)


3P Shopping Comparison:

3P Free Services:

3P Payment Services:

3P Seller Organizations:

3P Software Vendors:

I will expand this list as I come across additional resources for online sellers.

7 comments: said...

You should add Google Base

Randy Smythe said...

Yeah, over time I will try and make this list very comprehensive.

Anonymous said...


Does accept USA based sellers?

Randy Smythe said...


Yes but they have some requirements that may make it unreasonavble (required Free Shipping) I know of at least one large US company that sells on

Anonymous said... for eBay sellers interested in driving repeat sales. for ebay sellers interested in increasing their international sales.

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