Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Q&A - Would You Miss eBay Live if 2008 Was the Last One?

Skip McGrath and Tamebay have both posted about the possibility that the 2008 eBay Live may be the last of its kind. I would be interested in hearing what my readers have to say. Would you miss it, if it was gone?

I've been to every eBay Live except 2006 in Las Vegas and I've always considered it a great time to network and re-connect with old friends, but I can see this being the end of the road for the concept. What do you think?

Update: Just in case you are nostagic for eBay Live. I wrote a post last year you might be interested in: eBay Live Let's Walk Down Memory Lane

Further Update: Griff says eBay Live is not going away! I wonder if he got permission from PR (now called Corporate Communications) to post this on the discussion board. I just don't see eBay Live being a John Donahoe thing.


Steve L. said...

I wrote about this back in January when I discovered the person who ran Live! internally had left eBay. My sources inside say her job is not being back-filled.

My prediction: if a pin is given out for eBay Live! 2009 it will say "To Be Announced."

Anonymous said...

I just wish they would have ebay Live in May instead of June...isn't May pretty much the slowest ebay sales month of them all, due to the birth of spring happening every where in the world?

Wouldn't more sellers be able to get away and attend ebay live in May, as it is the slowest month for business?

I've always found that my sales start to pick back up in June, when it gets hot outside and people head back indoors into the air conditioning. Am I crazy or is this just me? Sorry if I took this post kinda off subject, but I think I would really like to attend ebay live this year, if it is my last chance to ever possibly attend one...

Randy Smythe said...

Steve, you are right on, I believe. This will be the end of eBay Live. I was surprised actually that they still planned to hold it this year. Can you imagine holding eBay Live so soon after the Feedback changes go live.

Anonymous said...

Never went, could care less if its gone. Not interested. Live is aimed at the novice/mid-level, and is of little use to the professional.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous 1,

eBay hasn't announced that this will be their last eBay Live but the signs sure point to it.

Anonymous 2,

You are correct when discussing classes etc. I've never attended a class at eBay Live for that reason. The ecommerce event in D.C. was much more beneficial for top sellers.

I enjoyed going to Live because I was able to network with eBay employees abd vendors, meet other large sellers and get to know my competitors personally.

Plus there were a lot of parties to go to.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly live in a world without any more eBay Lives. I just attended the IMA Conference and got a LOT of great information there - lots of face time with vendors, great seminars, round table discussions, etc. I'm already making plans to go next year.