Friday, March 21, 2008

PeSA / ECMTA "Best Match" Conference Call

With Best Match now the default sort on eBay, sellers are frantically searching for information on how this will impact their business.

PESA/ECMTA is holding a conference call to help sellers develop Best Practices for Best Match:

Do you know where you stand with eBay Best Match? Join us as we discuss the specific factors that will impact your success and the best practice strategies you should be using to get your listings to the top of the search.
  • Best Match is changing the way you do business on eBay. Throw all your previously conceived notions and previously adopted business plans out the window.
  • Make your voice heard. eBay will be listening and reacting to the specific things you have to say.
  • Stay on top of the changes that are taking place right now with eBay's new search (Finding 2.0).

Who: This call is open to everyone (PESA members and non-PESA members) as we share what is working and what is not working.

When: Wednesday 3/26/08 1:00 PM PST (eBay time)

How: Dial in to 404-920-6689 and use code: 978527. Make sure to dial in early because there is a limit of 200 powersellers.

There is no better way to understand the impact that these changes are about to have on your business and no better way to grow your bottom line than to share a roundtable with 200 of eBay’s most accomplished professional sellers who are right there with you and focused on solving the problems you face in the trenches each and every day.

I would recommend this conference call because if you sell on eBay you need to understand "Best Match" for the good of your business. Hopefully the Seller Dashboards will be up by then.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, optimizing Best Match won't make a lick of difference if you are not a PowerSeller. You'll just be sending more money to eBay for less exposure (by definition if you are not 'advantaged' you are at a disadvantage)!

Shipping DSR reports from International Buyers are extremely low and will drag your whole account down.

I predict many MANY PowerSellers will lose their status when eBay strips all sellers with 4.4 or under of PowerSeller ranking.

If you do not have 4.5 DSR ratings across the board, the best thing you can do to save yourself is STOP SELLING INTERNATIONALLY. Your DSR's (especially shipping) will come right back up.

This may send the message to eBay better than a boycott would. Fix the shipping DSR or lose cross-border trade.

Call it an I18N (International) Boycott.

That's my 12% and here's 8% more.

eBay likes to crow about the percentage of PowerSellers that will qualify for the different levels of discounts. Will someone please find out what percentage of PowerSellers BY TIER will qualify. For example, what percentage of existing Titanium PowerSellers will qualify for discounts or even PowerSeller status at all? What percentage of Platinum PowerSellers will qualify?

Methinks the percentages will go way down as the PowerSeller status goes up (ie: 50% of existing Titanium PowerSellers will not qualify for PowerSeller status).

Anonymous said...

Re: first poster

Powerseller status has NO effect on your placement in best match.

Right now best match looks just at:

title, category, ending time, and shipping and handling dsr

Even when the boost for having high dsrs goes into effect, you do NOT need to be a powerseller to take advantage of it. You do however need at least 10 dsrs received in the last 30 days.

Anonymous said...

The gist of my argument was that existing PowerSellers should focus on DSRs and keeping PowerSeller status. Do not waste precious time trying to optimize what should already be right.

I'm sure eBay is happy to see the community of sellers focusing on optimizing their titles, categories, ending times, and shipping charges. All of these should have been 'optimized' from day 1 if you are selling on eBay, so I see no real work to be done here.

If all your DSRs are above 4.4 and you are not in jeopardy of losing PowerSeller status then optimize away.

You are correct that PowerSeller status by itself does not influence Best Match ranking. But it certainly influences BUYER BEHAVIOR and therefore your conversation rate. So if you lose PowerSeller status your sales will go down, regardless of how well optimized you are.

You also overlook the competitive economic advantage PowerSeller status will soon impart (discounts, rebates, extra PayPal coverage). It will be harder to compete if you lose PowerSeller status and your competitor keeps theirs and begins getting incremental advantages.

PowerSellers should investigate low DSRs and find the root cause of each and fix it. They should also voice their displeasure of the Shipping DSR. This is what I am advocating.