Wednesday, March 05, 2008

PayPal Research Shows Consumers Want Choice!

"A new JupiterResearch and PayPal study revealed that consumers value payment security and payment choice more than rewards when making purchases online." This statement comes from a recent PayPal press release showing that consumers prefer choice in payment options to rewards.

This struck me as funny, since on eBay payment choices consist of PayPal, Checks or Money Orders. Google Checkout is still not considered an acceptable payment choice for eBay's customers. If, as the research shows, customers prefer choice wouldn't it behoove eBay to offer additional payment choices on eBay?

According to the survey: "The types of payments accepted by merchants influence whether or not consumers will shop on their Web sites. The study showed that more than half of online shoppers think about the payment method they will use before they click on the merchant’s checkout button. Sixty-six percent of consumers prefer e-commerce sites that offer multiple payment methods, and about half of online shoppers prefer the convenience of using alternative payment methods."

It is disingenuous for eBay's PayPal to use this argument to encourage adoption of PayPal on Websites but not allow alternative payment options on eBay.

Here are some of the stats from the survey:
  • "66 percent of consumers prefer online stores that offer multiple payment mechanisms."
  • "62 percent of purchasers feel more secure when they do not have to enter credit card information online, even at merchants’ sites that they trust." (Isn't this what Google Checkout does?)
  • "48 percent of all online adult shoppers prefer the convenience of alternative payment methods."
  • "One third of online shoppers want to avoid filling out name, address and credit card details." (Again, this is a key feature of Google Checkout)

PayPal's own research, has revealed that consumers want choice in payment options. Isn't it about time that eBay allowed choice in payment options on eBay. Wouldn't that improve the "Buyer Experience"?

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paypal is the biggest legalized scammer company I've ever seen.