Monday, March 24, 2008

New eBay Promo Only for the "Good Sellers"

Well this is certainly a new kind of promo:

"Hi everyone...I'm back with some good news. As you've heard us say a number of times already this year, great service will make the difference in 2008 and beyond. So to reward sellers who consistently delight their buyers, we're cutting insertion fees through the end of the month.

Starting tomorrow, if you have Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) of at least 4.5 on all criteria - and you specify your shipping costs or use the Shipping Calculator - simply list your auction-style item with a starting price of 99¢ or less to pay an insertion fee of only 1¢! New sellers who don't yet have DSR ratings are also eligible. This promotion will run through March 31st, so make sure to take advantage quickly.

Check out our
information page for all the details.

Stephanie Tilenius

General Manager, eBay North America

Those pesky DSR's now you can't even participate in the promos. If you have low DSR's I would start looking for another venue because you will just be wasting your money on eBay.

First you are disadvantaged in search via "Best Match" and now Core will be flooded with new listings that will make yours even more invisible.

eBay is using both the carrot and the stick in the same promo. Wow!


Anonymous said...

Randy a few things-

You keep referring to sellers with low DSR's as being disadvantaged in Best Match. But you seem to fail to remember that it is only the last 30 days matters, not lifetime DSR's...

Also this promo seems good at first, but really let's think about it - a penny to list items that would only have cost .20 anyways? And only for a week? Seems a little weak, but I think it will do well.

Anonymous said...

Thought the "Ministry of Disinformation" (sorry, "PR Department") was trying to change the perception of being a "Giant Flea Market?"

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous #1, I am aware that with Best Match they are only counting a 30-day rolling cycle for DSRs and we are only talking about the 2 shipping DSRs as being problems but those to have the least room for error.

Anonymous #2 They don't seem to know what they want to be.

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