Thursday, March 13, 2008

Momma Told Me There Would Be Days Like This!

I woke up today just like any other day and began my routine:

  • Checked eMail (Still no response from eBay PR, what do they have against me?)
  • Checked Google Reader - AOL is buying, big whoop! Yahoo still hasn't said yes to Microsoft, not much else. I did avoid reading the Sex Trade posts on Valleywag.
  • Searched Google and Yahoo for Amazon, eBay, Yahoo and Overstock related stories outside of my normal blogs. Nothing really stood out to me, except if I had $41,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I could have won an eBay auction to spend the evening with Scarlett Johansson. That's a lot more than Gov. Spitzer paid to spend an hour with "Kristen"? Maybe "Kristen" should have donated half of her hourly rate to charity.
  • Check eBay's Discussion Boards. - Same stuff as yesterday.
  • Checked Yahoo Finance to see where eBay's share price was - eBay is down again this morning.
  • Listened to yesterday's eBay Town Hall - Lorrie Norrington sure sounds a lot like Meg Whitman.
  • Started to write a post about what they were saying at the town hall but got bored and stopped. Sorry!
  • Went to my local coffee shop for my morning cup o' joe. Yes, I am perfectly capable of making my own coffee but this is part of my routine. I'm not nearly as bad as Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets.
  • Still can't find anything to write about so took a shower -- I know too much information.
  • Checked eMail again - Heard from a reader who is having problems with converting his current Amazon account to Seller Central because he wants to start using FBA. Amazon tech support is on the job. Heard from another reader who says Best Match is working for him.
  • Still nothing of interest is sticking out for me. I think I'll go get breakfast at McDonald's -- they stop serving it in 7 minutes.

I'll be back if anything interesting happens.... Okay, I'm back, I got to McDonalds 1 minute too late for breakfast. Now, how difficult is it to make a Sausage McMuffin for me even though I'm 1 minute late? Apparently I'm going to have to start a blog about McDonalds :) I guess its a bowl of cold cereal for me this morning. After reading this post many of you female readers will understand why I still haven't remarried.

  • Checked email, Google Reader, Search still nothing catches my fancy. Maybe I'll go visit some other blogs and leave stupid comments.
  • BTW, did you know that SDC ( listings were showing up on eBay Express? Apparently they have been there since late last year when SDC started their Shopping Cart Program. It was interesting to see that one of the sellers had a FB rating of 93.7 and DSR's around 4.2. Aren't there listing restrictions on Express. See, these are the kinds of questions I ask eBay's PR department; is it any wonder they never get back to me.
  • Okay, I think I'm going to go out and play with the dogs. There is just not much happening.

I'm Back! A special thanks to one of my readers for reminding me of the scene from Five Easy Pieces. It accurtely reflects my feeling at McDonalds this morning. Enjoy!

Here's another great scene that is very close to my experience this morning at McDonalds. Thanks to Steve L. for sending me the link. I completely forgot this scene from Falling Down

Momma told me their would be days like this.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

Well, you probably want to know how my day went?

My SI won the Oregon Health Care Lottery! She had a 1/14 shot at Vegas Style health insurance. Yes, health care roulette in Oregon.

Let the rest of the uninsured Ducks eat cake! Only in America...

[Oh, Randy---you shoulda been quicker on your feet. Remember the breakfast scene in '5 Easy Pieces?']

Cliff said...

Hi Randy,

Oh well, a good day to relax a little then, hope you enjoy it.

Not sure if I gave my final update (think I did), but I'm all set with FBA now myself and just shipped out my first parcel of products a couple of days ago.

I actually sold a CD before converting them over, which was great, except I didn't have packaging materials on hand for media items, so after packing up the single CD I converted everything else over to FBA so I wouldn't have to do anymore packing + shipping!

On the down side I've been receiving error messages on the Amazon site for the past 12 hours or so -- last night I couldn't list new items, this afternoon I can't even access my current inventory, so that's a little disconcerting with a major site like Amazon.

But all in all I'm pretty optimistic about this experiment.

As for eBay, it likely has more to do with increasing my inventory than anything else, but if Best Match is having any kind of impact yet then for me it is certainly good. Strong sales over the past couple of weeks. Which is great all around because it makes me a strong buyer on eBay as well. Let's hope it keeps up.

Have fun with the dogs, though my money is on seeing another post from you sometime today!

Thanks, Cliff

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, thanks for reminding me about Five Easy Pieces I found the clip on Youtube and posted it.


Amazon has been having some problems with Seller Central off and on. Hopefully they will resolve them shortly. You were right I came back to post the video clip from Five Easy Pieces. I wish I would have remembered it this morning when I was arguing with the manager at Micky D's

Steve L. said...

Hey Randy, I love that scene, but I was thinking of Michael Douglas' "I want breakfast" scene in the movie "Falling Down" - it's kind of an analogy for sellers vs. eBay too...well, except for the gun.

Here's the url:

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Steve, that is a great scene.

Fortunately I didn't have a gun with me this morning at McDonalds but that scene was spot on as my friends across the pond would say.