Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's Talk Seller Dashboards!

If you are a Powerseller on eBay, you no-doubt have already seen your Seller Dashboard. Thanks to a faithful reader, I can share some images with you on just how this first version of the Seller Dashboard looks.

The seller is a Titanium Powerseller who's 12 month DSR's are:
  • Item as described 4.8

  • Communication 4.6

  • Shipping time 4.6

  • Shipping and handling charges 4.4

And here is what their 30-day DSR's are according to their Seller Dashboard:

  • Item as described 4.8

  • Communication 4.6

  • Shipping time 4.6

  • Shipping and handling charges 4.6

They have been able to increase their S&H DSR to 4.6 over the last 30 days and are eligible for the 5% discount, but not the 15% discount. They moved from 4.4 to 4.6 by no longer selling to Canada (at least that's the only change they made) but in doing that they are giving up on 10% of their sales. The good news , they now qualify for the 5% FVF discount but on 10% fewer sales.

I really believe it will be difficult for most Powersellers to qualify for the 15% discount without spending more money then they are saving from the discount. Each month they are in danger of losing the discount do to many things that are out of their control.

eBay managers run eBay, Inc. based on ROI assessments. They don't invest in something if it won't generate an appropriate return. eBay sellers are no different; that 5% or 15% discount on FVFs may not be worth the effort and/or expense needed to qualify for it.

Each seller needs to look at their business and see if it is worth it. It may be worth improving to gain the advantage in search via "Best Match" but what happens if you you add more customer service, you offer Free Shipping, etc and you still don't get into that advantaged group?Remember, if you are not being advantaged in Best Match then you are in essence being disadvantage. Is it worth it?

Just my 12%


Dan said...

My post specifically concerns the dvd sellers still out there.

So far, what I'm seeing is big sellers with virtual inventories can't ever maintain competitive DSRs over those with real inventories; this due to an inevitable percentage of distributor backorder issues/delivery time issues/related heavy customer service issues. So, we all know its not cost-effective to even pursue the 5% discount...

The only exceptions I've seen are the very small virtual drop-ship sellers who were already devoting alot of time to customer email, feedback withdrawl, placating buyers who wonder why their dvd is taking weeks to arrive...these sellers have no employees, don't make much money for their time and are glued to their computers all day every day just to maintain even that...so these few who can tolerate the buyer emails, and that situation will often get the 5%-but it won't amount to much return for their time...just some extra popcorn money...

Randy Smythe said...

Dan, very accurate assesment. Even those media sellers who stock their inventory and have 100% feedback like moviemagicusa don't get the 15% discount and they are already doing just about everything right.

Some of them may qualify one month and then not qualify the next so you certainly can't count the discount in your numbers.

It certainly isn't worth the effort. You don't have to jump through any of these hoops over at Amazon or even half.com

Anonymous said...

You don't know for sure if someone like moviemagicusa doesn't qualify for the 15% discount. Their 30 day average may be higher than the feedback page displays.

Plus with repeat feedback able to count again on DSRS, this is likely helping them out as it looks like they have a significant repeat customer base, and repeats are more like to give all 5s.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, you are correct, I do not know if they are not getting the 15% discount, neither do you know if they are. The point is that even the sellers with 100% FB are right on the edge of qualifying.

And they may qualify this month but not the next.

Anonymous said...

Qualify, not qualify, who really cares any more? ebay is so over that I can't even capitalize the E any longer. ebay had trivialized and nit picked its sellers to the point where it's just not worth the hassle. I can get pushed around anywhere, I don't have to pay for it. I've been listing on Wagglepop and the change is so danged refreshingly different than ebay... listings go right up, one monthly price for core, auction and store, 2.5% selling fees, choose what hour your listing ends and the duration and change it at will. I could go on and on, but I am done even carping about "e" - I'm enjoying my site gain listings and reach daily.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I am the, now, Wagglepop seller from the previous post. I am an ebay powerseller and do qualify for their discount, but the way I see it, there's too much liability to selling on their site. It is just not sound business to partner up with someone who will leave you open to fraud and limit your chances for success.

Anonymous said...


Very simple math. You sell 500 items a month at $10.00 at the store level and that comes out to $600 FVF which at 15% discount is $90. You charge $1.00 for handling over the shipping cost and that is $500. Why give any discount to increase the DSR? Why even worry about it. I see people going bonkers over all of this.
The bottom line is to make money. If you don't make money on eBay don't sell there. If you make money why leave? Any one who worries about it or leaves and they are making money is shooting themselves in the foot.
All of this junk that eBay is putting out and promising a lollipop if you do this or that is using a ploy that politicians have been using for years and almost every one is falling for it. You have to dig and find out what the real goal or purpose is.
If I was going down to New Orleans next month we could sit down have a few and we could go through the possibilities but my regular gig is taking up too much time right now. I might be able to make it to Chi-Town in June but by that time I am sure there is going to be some clear insight into all of this.


Anonymous said...

I list on a couple of sites that I have about a .00001% chance of selling anything on. Sort of a hobby.

Just because they're not ebay.