Monday, March 31, 2008

eBay's StubHub at The Masters Golf Tournament

I'm a golf fanatic! I'm always interested in hearing golf news. so the recent announcement that StubHub is sponsoring the 19th hole at this years Masters Tournament caught my attention.

"StubHub, the world's largest ticket marketplace, has announced the grand opening of The 19th Hole - StubHub Hospitality Clubhouse for the 2008 Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA, April 7 - 13. Golf fans looking for an alternative to the typical high cost and "VIP only" hospitality offerings at the Masters now have the option of a new, convenient retreat at a reasonable cost."

I've always felt that the management team at StubHub really understands their business and events like this, tying the StubHub brand to the venerable Masters Tournament are evidence of that.

I'm often critical of eBay, but I have to say I believe they are hitting on all cylinders over at StubHub and the Marketplace team could learn a few things from those folks.

The eBay brand is part of popular culture, but it is also the butt of many jokes and in recent years has become synonymous with fraud and terrible service. The management team is trying to improve the buyer experience on the site but not really doing anything to change the perception of the brand itself and we all know the "perception is reality".

According to Jeetil Patel of Deutsche Bank, in a note to investors this morning; "we note that US page views have further weakened to -13% Y/Y in Feb-08, implying lower demand coming to the site." so it appears that eBay is still losing the perception battle.

I believe that eBay needs to drop their "Shop Victoriously" ad campaign and work aggressively to re-position the eBay brand, so that when consumers think of eBay they consider it the number one place to begin their online shopping, until the perception of the brand changes all of the changes on the marketplace will be for nothing.

StubHub is positioning their brand effectively, while relies on past glory to position their brand. Its time that changed.

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