Thursday, March 27, 2008

eBay Hires New Chief Accounting Officer!

According to eBay's 8K filing with the SEC:

"... effective April 14, 2008, the Company will appoint Phillip DePaul as its Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer. Mr. DePaul will serve as eBay's principal accounting officer.

Mr. DePaul was most recently with OfficeMax, Incorporated, serving as Senior Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer since 2003. Mr. DePaul also served in the audit practice of Ernst & Young LLP from 1993 to 1998. Mr. DePaul is a certified public accountant and has a degree in accounting from Youngstown State University.

Mr. DePaul's offer letter provides that he will receive an annual salary of $350,000 and that eBay will recommend to its Board of Directors that he be granted an option to purchase 49,000 shares of eBay common stock and an award of 24,500 restricted stock units. The stock option will vest with respect to 25% of the shares one year after the date of his commencement of employment, and with respect to 1/48th of the shares monthly thereafter. The award of restricted stock units will vest with respect to 25% of the award on each of the first four anniversaries of the date of grant.

Mr. DePaul will also receive one-time bonuses in an aggregate amount of $135,000.

Mr. DePaul will also be eligible to receive relocation assistance, including assistance with relocation expenses from Chicago, Illinois to San Jose, California."

Here is some additional information on the new hire from Forbes I'm not sure what happened to the previous Chief Accounting Officer H. Baird Radford, III

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permacrisis said...

"... effective April 14, 2008, the Company will appoint Phillip DePaul... "

They should have appointed Saint Vince DePaul. Then, used items would recieve a warmer reception there!