Monday, March 03, 2008

Best Match Becomes the Default This Week!

eBay announced today that beginning this week, eBay's "Best Match" sorting system will become the defualt sort on the US site. According to Jamie Iannone, VP, Buyer Experience, "Best Match' works like this:

"Best Match sorts the listings you see based on a concept called "relevance." A particular listing's relevance is based, in part, on past successful buyer behavior for similar items. Essentially, buyers 'vote' on relevance every time they search and buy an item, because these activities provide valuable input into the relevance system.

In other words, if buyers running a particular search often end up viewing, bidding on, or buying a certain type of item more often, this will be factored into our relevance calculations. These types of items might then display higher on the page in subsequent searches."

In addition they are adding seller performance factors to "Best Match":

"In addition to sorting based on relevance, Best Match will also sort based on sellers who provide great buying experiences and the small percentage of sellers that don't. Making greater use of Detailed Seller Ratings and sellers' overall rate of buyer dissatisfaction enables us to reward great sellers on the site with increased listing exposure, and reduce negative buying experiences from sellers with high rates of buyer dissatisfaction"

So, "Best Match" is finally here and soon sellers will have to become experts at BMO (Best Match Optimization) Your education begins this week.

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Anonymous said...

best match is terrible so far... I was doing well but I think they changed the algorithm and now must stuff shows up in the middle...