Thursday, March 13, 2008

Amazon Merchants Get Click to Call for Support

Amazon just announced that Seller Central Merchants will now be able to use Click to Call functionality in their Seller Central Account.:

Click to Call Feature Now Available

We are very excited to offer a new service in Seller Central. You can now call Amazon Services support by using the new Click to Call feature in Seller Central.

Benefits of the Click to Call feature include improved account security and a streamlined authentication process. Because you are logged in to your Seller Central account when you make the call, we already know who you are. After a quick verification, we can begin helping you right away.

When using Click to Call, you will still receive the world class support experience that you are accustomed to. We highly recommend you use Click to Call whenever you need our assistance over the phone.

1. Log in to your Seller Central account.
2. Choose the "Get technical support" link found at the bottom of most Seller Central pages.
3. Select the topic you have a question or concern about.
4. Choose the "By phone" link at the bottom of the page.
5. Wait for the “Call back” request to pop up, or select the "Call Me" option
6. Fill out the short "Request call back" form and click Submit.

We'll call you back promptly to assist you with your questions.

Now don't everybody go calling them at once. It looks like they are having some issues in Seller Central today and hopefully will get those figured out. I've heard that eventually everyone will be using a Seller Central account so you might want to look into upgrading your account.

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