Monday, March 24, 2008

Amazon Auctions 2.0?

With eBay marching towards a fixed price marketplace and marginalizing their Auction business, I sometimes wonder if it isn't time for Amazon to take their Auction platform out of mothballs and give it another shot. eBay auction sellers are growing increasingly frustrated with the direction eBay is taking and are desperate for another option.

Just a few suggestions if Amazon wants to do this:
  • Don't bury auctions in the site. Set them up as a separate platform and add an Auctions tab to
  • Fill in the gaps in your product offering on the main site, by surfacing auction items when the product is not available and charge for this. Just increase the FVF when they show up in search.
  • Add auctions to your affiliate program to drive traffic. If eBay doesn't want to create eBay Classic why shouldn't Amazon do it. There are thousands of Auction sellers on eBay looking for another platform.
  • eBay sellers would love to sell on Amazon, but many sell in categories that are not yet open on Amazon Auctions give sellers another real option to eBay.

I don't honestly believe Amazon will do this, but it might be worth doing the due diligence. eBay auctions are more vulnerable now then they have ever been, sometimes the timing is just right.

Just my 12%

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