Friday, February 08, 2008

Product Ads Make their Debut on Amazon

With very little fanfare, Amazon has begun rolling out "Product Ads" onto the site. It appears to be a new advertising product to complement ClickRiver's sponsored text ads and Amazon's other Advertising vehicles.

Amazon is running a limited test for this new program. Here are the details from their website:

"At Amazon, we want our customers to have the best information and selection of products available on the Internet. With Product Ads, as a seller you can participate in this cost-per-click program that allows customers to see YOUR products and price offerings. Customers viewing your products can click over to your website where they can buy directly from you. We are currently running a limited test of this program. If you would like to participate, please follow the link below.

Apply to join Product Ads today!"

Basically, it looks as if online merchants can now display their individual items on Amazon with direct links to the product on their websites. This is a cost-per-click form of advertising and may be a fantastic way for sellers who can't sell directly on Amazon because their category is not open, to get access to Amazon's nearly 80 million active users. It also appears to be another great benefit for Amazon WebStore owners to market to their new WebStores.

Imagine, Yahoo sponsored ads driving traffic from eBay and Amazon Product ads driving traffic from Amazon to your tiny little online business. If your product category is not yet available on, I suggest you sign-up for the program and start driving traffic to your Website.

Now collectibles sellers who have their own independent websites can reach out to the Amazon buyer. You may soon be seeing ads for vintage postcards, Memorabilia, collectibles, antiques and many other types of product that have not been available on Amazon.


cliff said...

Ah, now I get it! Thanks, Randy, I had misunderstood the release on this. So it's basically Product Ads is to Amazon as Adwords is to Google. Very interesting!

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