Friday, February 29, 2008

New Postal Rates are Published!

On May 12th, the US Postal Service will once again raise rates on many of their services. This is becoming an annual rite of spring it appears. The new rates are now available at

Look for announcements in the coming months from Amazon and about increased S&H reimbursements. Hopefully the increase will be enough to cover your increase in postage. I'm anticipating an increase in FBA shipping rates as well so I will have to adjust my BuyBack prices to compensate.

If eBay execs are wondering why the "best deals" can no longer be found at eBay, its because the increased cost of doing business has to be passed on to the customer, but online sellers still have it far better then their Brick and Mortar competitors.


Cliff said...

Can they make this more confusing? The basics are simple, but clicking on the complete new rates & fees (which are only complete as far as First Class and Parcel Post goes) you get a huge and confusing document.

Anyway, if I'm reading this right my small handling charges on First Class cover me well for this, I'm much more concerned about the coming Priority Mail changes which they say will be announced in March ...which I guess means literally any day now.

Talal said...

Perhaps if someone could put together a small document that lists the changes most pertient to media sellers?

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