Monday, February 11, 2008

My Squidoo Story!

I spent a great deal of time on Squidoo this summer and created quite a bit of content but I got busy with other things, so I stopped updating my Squidoo content. That was in Oct. of 07. But, I still look forward to the beginning of each month when Squidoo pays out my Squidoo earnings. I thought for sure that the payments would decrease because I wasn't spending any time there. Well, I just got my payout again this month and its enough for me to go play a round of Golf or get dinner and a movie for two and its pretty much been that way since July of last year.

To put this in perspective, I've had Google AdSense on My Blog Utopia, for a year and 2 months and I still haven't reached my $100 payout threshold. Its nice to know I'm earning a little fun money every month for work (it really was enjoyable work) I did a year ago.

Of course I could just spend the money on that Amazon Webstore I've been eyeing!


ONLYEBAY said...

Hi Randy, given the unique traffic you mentioned the other day, I think you are substantially undermonetizing Blog Utopia. Given your readers (like mine) are generally active e-commerce users, I don't think Google AdSense is the best way to go. I suspect the EBAY or AMZN affiliate programs are better suited. As an example, I only use the EBAY program, and without disclosing specifics, I can tell you the unique/payout ratio is many multiples higher than the one implied by your posts.

Randy Smythe said...


Thanks for the tip. I do have to say, that the traffic to Blog Utopia has brought in consulting business and advisory business, that I did not quantify for that post. Suffice it to say that I am monetizing the traffic indirectly.

My goal, really is to target a very specific, quality readership and then monetize that quality traffic. I'm getting much closer. AdSense is really just on the site to do something simple.

I'll look into the eBay affiliate program and possibly expand my Amazon affiliate program.

I do appreciate the info.

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