Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Apologies to Mastercard!

In a previous life, I was in the TV biz and had access to all of the equipment and could have put together a great little 30 second MocuAd taking off on the Mastercard "Priceless" Campaign.

If I had looked into the future and seen a YouTube out there, maybe I would have kept all of the equipment and produced this spot, rather than writing about it on my blog. Hopefully it doesn't get lost in translation.

Let me set the stage: An eBay seller is dealing with their day to day tasks and is just beat down because of the amount of work be done for the money made.

Selling on eBay - Lower margins, jumping through hoops, high fees, DSRs, Neg Feedback, lots of stress...

Selling on Amazon - Priceless!

To be fair, Amazon has issues as well, but I've sold on both sites and it is definitely a lot less work and you make more money.

One Final Thought: Ultimately, I would like eBay to be "Priceless" as well. Online sellers need eBay to be part of their selling equation, being dependant on any one marketplace is not healthy for your business (believe me I know). Unfortunately, eBay may need to blow things up and start over (which will never happen) A healthy eBay is good for everyone, but until eBay considers sellers, partners in their success, nothing will change.


Tony P. said...


Maybe you already know this... Go here and read up on the creator of Best Match:

What did you think of those comments at the bottom of the page? Sounds like a reasonable sort of guy, right? And I can tell you, when it comes to those 'search expansion' functions, he is Spot On! Too bad that ebay didn't listen to his recommendations; as he wanted them, they would have helped the buyer experience.

What I take away from that is this: Mr Gupta has a considerable amount of functioning gray-matter; someone at ebay thought they understood the use of Search parameters better than him; my belief that a well-educated techie/geek typically lacks common sense is now shaken; proof-positive that ebay is run by people that were given good advice, but chose to ignore it; *ignore* is part of the word, Ignoramous.

Randy Smythe said...

Tony, thanks for the link. There are a lot of very bright engineers at eBay that have come up with great tools but they don't ultimately make the decisions. Often time the bean counters get involved and you get much less than was inteneded.

This is not unique to eBay, Yahoo faces some of the same challenges. This is why bright engineers and techies often leave these companies to start their own.

I see this much the way I used to see movies. The writer writes something fabulous and is so good that a studio decides to buy it, then the Studio execs start picking it apart handing down "notes" to make changes. Eventually the original author is no longer involved in the project and they bring in someone else.

It is quite a kick to read the first draft of a feature film and then see the finished product.

Occasionally the changes are correct and make for a better movie. What is the old saying "too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth"

Best Match, as it stands today, may be the homogenized version of what the engineer intended, but his way may have cost too much. So they will try it this way and then spend millions more fixing it when they should have done it his way from the begining.

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