Monday, February 25, 2008

eBay Responds Regarding DSR Issue

Over the weekend, eBay had a glitch that kept buyers from giving sellers anything higher than a 3 rating for their DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings). Well, you can imagine the uproar this glitch caused.

Today, eBay announced "Feedback issues over the weekend may have impacted how and whether some buyers left Detailed Seller Ratings. To ensure that sellers are not negatively affected by this site issue, eBay will be automatically updating any Detailed Seller Ratings left during the period of the issue to the highest score of 5. As noted previously, the original issue was resolved on Saturday 2/23." (bold is mine)

IMO, eBay quickly responded to the problem and should be commended for their response -- the former management team would have done nothing.

I know sellers are still upset about the glitch, but believe me, the previous managers would have done nothing to compensate sellers for the problem. The new managers have acted decisivly and appropriately. Giving all 5s for the DSRs, serves as compensation for the error.


Talal said...

The DSR baloons are still lame. Seems as if ebay is encouraging lower DSR's even though the market is showing that everyone is 4+ on almost everything (meaning most ppl are happy).

Extremely flawed system I believe.

permacrisis said...

Please comment on the duplicitous nature of DSR's viz-a-viz what is presented to buyers during mouseover, vs Brian Burke's infamous Announcement chart to sellers showing 4 as abysmal.

I'd also like your opinion on the red letter warnings which appear within sellers listings, warning buyers of poor ship times as seen(comments mine) in

Thanks for considering this.

Randy Smythe said...

permacrisis, I am not defending DSRs, as Talal said they are a flawed system.

I've heard about the warnings for Shipping Time, can you tell me when that messaging is being presented to buyers?

Why eBay feels the need to add a specific warning is beyond me.

permacrisis said...

Randy, that was shown within a listing itself- a paid ad!!! It was part of a test.

This occurred during an alternative item listing page under test on I believe the 21st to the 23rd.

When many to most viewed the listing, it presented normally-- meaning the test view was sprung on random viewers, as opposed to being in the listing itself. The domain '' prefixed the URL for those it was tested on.

Besides the overall cluttered look of the page, sellers howled because ship time warnings were shown on the bottom right.

To make matters even worse, competing seller's similar item thumbnails from those who had higher DSR's were displayed along the top.

(There is some disagreement about what people actually saw. I actually took a screen shot, but cropped it for the boards, since in the furor over the red warning, few noticed the competing thumbnails above.)

Answers about these competing listings appearing in a paid ad ranged from "That never happened, you did not see that" to "Yes you did see that but those were the same sellers other items view" to "Yes you did see that and those were other sellers' similar items, but intended to be displayed at auction end... it was a bug", depending on which ebay droid was doing the talking.

True to form, at the close of this auction, the competing items disappeared from the top of the listing.

If ebay is trying to run the little seller off, stunts like this would do it.

Randy Smythe said...

permacrisis, if you se the "test" again can you send me a screen capture in context.

If it happened on a paid ad that is certainly very troubling. That's like saying to the seller. "Pay us to list your product and then we will scare everyone away from your listing"

eMail me directly if you get further info.


Anonymous said...

The page views of the new view item "red letter warnings" are posted at auctionbytes, you can see ebay's response to the original article, in today, Wednesdays issue.

Large media sellers with virtual only inventories are going to be up a creek when ebay rolls this out.

In the past, a buyer would just see a 98% positive feedback rating in the listing, and the buyer would make the purchase based on that. But when they now see that brazen red warning-and then click on the feedback number to investigate-they will see usually hundreds of negative and neutral comments left per will get the buyer thinking....why should I risk buying from a slow shipper who gets all these negatives? See the feedback for redtagmarket, as just one example of the many sellers who are hosed...

The salad days are long over for this business model.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, thanks for the heads up. The salad days for the virtual business model were over in late 2004 the companies that are still around were able to stay alive by expanding off of eBay but it still isn't worth the rick. All they really do is turn cash, they don't keep anything.

I'll look into this red lettering thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, one more detail. The best complete view you can get of the new page being tested is to click on the first blue LINK from within auctionbytes BLOG concerning this issue....the actual auctionbytes article only shows a smaller view of it. The one inside of the BLOG posting blows it up large for you, make sure you select the link that shows the red letter warning (the other link for the guitar seller doesn't have the red letter warning)...
I tried to cut and paste the link for you inside here, but I'm afraid it was too long to insert into blogger, thanks!

permacrisis said...

RK- Steiner's all over it. You gotta get up early to have the jump on those folks!

Anon- Only time, and OLA, will tell if auctions still have pull, but yeah I've never trusted the 1¢ x 1,000,000 model.

But, showing other items in apaid for listing. What are these people Thinking?

Even Skip McGrath's starting to have his doubts!!!

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