Friday, February 08, 2008

eBay Free Shipping Glitch!

Over the past few years, some sellers have considered eBay to be full of glitches. Some are minor inconveniences while others, like yesterdays "Free Shipping" glitch, have greater ramifications.

I've heard from several sellers, that many of their listings displayed Free Shipping to buyers in Search, even though they do not offer “Free Shipping”. Many of these sellers have been working overtime trying to deal with the customer service problem this presents, as the buyers are still being charged their regular shipping and then complaining that the listing stated “Free Shipping”.

This kind of glitch results in a bad “buyer experience” that sellers had no part in creating , yet they have to clean up the mess. Many will receive Negs (Negative feedback) do to no fault of their own and here is what eBay's response was.

"Some sellers are reporting that their items are showing "Free" shipping costs in search results when they did not add free shipping. The correct shipping costs appear on the actual listing and in checkout; only search is showing the costs incorrectly.

We realize how confusing this may be to buyers and are working to correct this situation as soon as possible."

Thanks to TG for the information.

Now, you would think that if the true shipping costs were reflected in the listing and in checkout, that there wouldn't be much of a problem. Unfortunately with some eBay customers, this becomes a major hassle, which can result in negative feedback for the seller or a NPB (non-paying bidder) for something they had no control over. Will eBay remove this negative feedback? Not likely.

We all understand that glitches happen, but they are becoming so prevalent on the eBay platform you might consider them “new features” instead.

This just adds to seller frustration and impacts the buyer experience.

Just my 3 cents (As of Feb. 20th 2008)


Tony P. said...


The glitch is still present after more than a day. It isn't as simple as the incorrect "Free Shipping" being shown - in some cases, what is shown is the handling charge, only.

That makes some shipping charges show as $0.75, or perhaps as much as $2.00 (or more). The buyer that *might* believe a "Free Shipping" glitch, could have a problem with being told that the $1 shipping fee is actually $5. Know what I mean?

Of course it is happening to only a select few, including some of my listings, but not some that were listed by others at the same time or thereafter. The Random-ness will make it even harder for a buyer to swallow a Glitch explanation.

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Tony, all the while sellers are answering emails from irate customers or getting NPB's becasue of it.

And remember, the buyer never thinks it is eBay's fault. Just like they never blame the Post Office for delays.

cliff said...

I ran into this last night when I was shopping. I noticed it with a listing that I recognized from a seller I frequent and the first that occurred to me was that he must have been testing out free shipping to counter the new weight of the DSR's. I clicked on the item and his shipping charge was correctly listed in the checkout area.

This definitely could damage some sellers without them even knowing why.

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