Saturday, February 02, 2008

Don't Like the eBay US Fees? Move Your Stuff to the UK

Chris at Tamebay had a nice post on the fee changes that will be going into affect at eBay's UK site. The changes in that marketplace are completely different than here in the US. They still charge for Gallery, but give you substantially higher discounts on FVF, if you qualify.

After reading Chris's post, I think what they are doing in the UK is the direction eBay should have taken here on the US site. They have category specific pricing for Media. Motors and Technology and real discounts for success, up to 40% off of your FVF fees for those who qualify.

If you've been considering expanding Internationally you might look into opening an eBay UK account. BTW, eBay UK listings do get exposure on the US site as well.

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Sue Bailey said...

Hi Randy,
UK listings only get US visibility in some categories:

These were announced as tests due to end "early in 2008", so expect things to change any minute, as usual :-D

US sellers might also want to wait until there is clarification as to who exactly is eligible for discounts listing on there have been very mixed messages given out about this, and we are still waiting for eBay to give a definitive answer as to whether non-UK sellers listing primarily on will get any kind of discount, and if so, what.