Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best Match is Coming Soon

At some point in March, eBay will make a big change on the US site. Best Match will become the default sort on eBay.com. If you want to play around with the new Best Match before it launches, I suggest you go to eBay's Playground, where you can test out the new sort. The version shown in the playground may not be the final version, but it will give you an idea at least.

With Best Match Store items no longer sort by lowest price. So if that has been your strategy up to this point, you may want to see how you will be affected.

Just my 12%


Talal said...

I've been playing around with best match and with most of the items I am selling when I sort by best match my items shoot up towards the top.. so I am thinking it might help me out.... who knows.. I know that other sellers aren't optimizing their keywords for best match yet so it might be a short lived advantage. We shall see I guess.

Anonymous said...

Remember the good old days when putting the actual NAME of an item in the title got it sold?

tekgems said...

> Remember the good old days when
> putting the actual NAME of an item
> in the title got it sold?

Still does.

Randy, don't confuse current Best Match sort with Finding 2.0 which is what the Playground is. They are different.

Sort traditionally has been ending time. Best Match still adheres to that as the #1 factor when displaying results.

Randy Smythe said...

tekgems, actually the change is to Store items in the playground. The default has always been lowest price for store items, now they've added additional sort parameters.

permacrisis said...

The raging argument regarding Best Match are the 'sort' vs 'search' camps.

The knob twiddlers at ebay admonish that BM is a sort, and doesn't filter anything out-- it just pushes it to the back.

Sellers of antiques, collectibles, and one-offs counter that ending on page 6 may as well be /dev/null or the Recycle Bin. Items go unseen, unnoticed, and unsold.

Ebay is about to pull a 180. Oh well- there's still TIAS...