Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Amazon in 2010 - A Fool's Perspective

The Motley Fool's Rick Munarriz has written a series of articles, on what his favorite companies will look like in 2010 and today he posted a new one on Amazon.

"I've been darting in and out of 2010 over the past few weeks, taking a glimpse at what some of my favorite companies may look like in the future. Today, I turn my attention to the company that may one day sell me the necessary time machine: (Nasdaq: AMZN).

How does the leading online e-tailer look in 2010? Surprisingly good, my friend. It's still the undisputed champ in moving physical goods via online orders. Growth in digital delivery has propped up margins. The company is also a bigger player in areas like content and merchant services, which seemed like mere specks in the business model back in 2008."

These kinds of posts are what make blogging so much fun. I get to peer into the future and speculate or dream about what could be. In this example, other than Mr. Munarriz's love for the "Kindle", I would agree with many of his ideas and projections. I look forward to a 2010 where 3P merchants have more access to Amazon and maybe the "Kindle" will actually reach its potential.

Here are some of the other companies in the series:


Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, have another question for you about FBA. I know this falls outside of what you do but your responses about FBA have been a lot faster and more accurate than Amazon's. I was wondering if you've had any experience with selling items that don't have their original boxes and if this has been a problem. Specifically, we're thinking of sending them some old Nintendo-style video game cartridges that don't have their original boxes (like most of the games being sold from that era). They are individually sealed in poly bags and we were hoping to put the label directly on them. Any insight you have would be appreciated. Thanks.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, all of the product I send FBA is in the original box, so I don't have any direct experience with the type of product you mentioned.

I would think, as long as the quality level was correct and the items were not loose it would be fine but I don't know for sure and they answer my questions about as fast as they answer yours.

Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful.

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