Monday, January 14, 2008

Will eBay Announce Big Changes This Week?

I've got Weds, January 16th, marked on my calendar. That is the day I expect eBay to make their annual "State of eBay" announcement to the community. Why does it matter when eBay makes this announcement? Because many sellers and investors are anxiously awaiting news, any news, about the future of eBay.

I can't tell you what the changes will be, but selecting the day has become sort of a challenge. Over the past 2 years they have made the "big" announcement the Weds. prior to the Q4 earnings call, that would make it this Weds., so it is just an educated guess that this Weds will be the day.

I also think that the announcement will be coming from John Donahoe for the first time rather than Bill Cobb and that the news will disappoint. Would you also like this weeks lottery numbers?

I'm guessing many sellers hope I'm right about this as they are waiting for news to solidify 2008 plans.

Just my 5 cents!

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