Monday, January 07, 2008

When Will eBay Announce 2008 Changes?

Sellers, Bloggers and Analysts wait with baited breath to see what eBay has in mind for 2008. It doesn't pay for me to speculate on what the changes because more often then naught I would be wrong. Many questions remain to be answered.

Is it going to be a huge change in the way they do business? Or are they going to continue their piece mill approach. Inquiring minds want to know.

Here is the calendar for January 08' to give you an idea when to expect the announcement:

January 23rd - eBay Announces Q4 - 07' Earnings
January 29th - eBay Top Seller Summit in Washington D.C.

Last year the Top Seller Summit was at the same time as the annual eBay announcement on Jan 17th. I've been told that eBay would not announce changes to one group of sellers (Top Sellers) ahead of the rest of eBay sellers but might make the announcement to all sellers before the Top Seller Summit.

So my best guess is sometime around January 16 or 17th if they stay true to form. The last 2 years at least, they made the annual "change" announcement the week prior to the Q4 earnings announcement. So look for something to be announce mid-week next week.

I know many sellers are holding off 2008 plans until they hear what eBay has in store for them.


Speculatacular said...

Awwww come on, speculate! It's fun!

Anonymous said...

As I write this, it is 8:45 PM mountain states time, 1/8/08-No formal announcement from ebay yet, but I noticed tonight that ebay US has now changed its default search results from ending soonest to BEST MATCH!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to give you the heads up!

Randy Smythe said...

I just checked and couldn't see the change. I'll check it out tomorrow and ask around to see if it official. Thanks for the tip.