Friday, January 04, 2008

Waiting For News From eBay!

eBay normally announces their fee changes and other major initiatives in January. Last year it was January 17th and was made at the same time as the Top Seller Summit. This year's Top Seller Summit will not be held until Jan. 29th so my guess is they won't wait until the 29th to make the announcement. We should expect to hear it around mid-month.

As I said in yesterday's post, many sellers are holding off decisions until they hear from eBay so the longer eBay waits the more frustrated sellers get.

Here are the last 2 January announcements:

January 17th 2007 - Some highlights:
  • "We all know that the Internet continues to evolve and become more competitive. There are many more choices for buyers who want to shop online than ever before. We've done in-depth research to help us understand online buyers today – and as you might expect, their expectations are growing. Across the web, the buying experience is improving quickly. That's a good thing – it assures the continued growth of e-commerce, and it raises the bar for eBay and our sellers. "
  • Reinvest in eBay's core by simplifying the site, improving finding, and accentuating the things that make eBay fun and unique.
  • Take a more proactive approach to Trust & Safety to protect our members from fraud.
  • Improve the buyer experience on the site by holding sellers to higher minimum standards

How did they do in 2007? There were no fee adjustments made in this announcement because they had already raised Store fees 5 months earlier. An announcement that is now known as The Great Re balancing of 2006 -- well, that's what I call it, at least.

We also had the T&S Crackdown of 2007 as well as Windorphins, eBay Playground, eBay Neighborhoods, Shop Victoriously, etc.

Finding 2.0 was supposed to be launched in 2007 but has been doled out in little bits and pieces (causing many glitches in my view). It appears it will be rolled out fully during Q1 of 2008 along with listing visibility, based on DSR rating -- oh joy!

January 18th 2006 - Some Highlights:
  • 2006 Fee Adjustments: "As you probably know, we periodically make changes to our fee structure. We’ll be making some adjustments to our fees, and I want to highlight the most important ones ...
    ...For core insertion fees for auctions and Fixed Price listings on, we’re again lowering the lowest tranche fee (i.e. for items with a starting price of $0.01 to $0.99) – from a quarter to twenty cents ...

    ...For final value fees for auctions and Fixed Price listings on, we are increasing one fee this year – the final value fee for the middle tranche, which will increase from 2.75 to 3%.

    There are no changes for eBay Stores fees." [That would have taken balls to raise Stores Fees again]
  • "I’m also pleased to tell you that we’re soon introducing something many of you have wanted for a long time: At the end of any eBay search, all matching Store inventory listings will be displayed. For sellers, this means much more exposure for your eBay Stores and Store items – for buyers, every search will return many more qualified listings. It’s a win/win for everyone. " (This was the announcement for Stores in Search)"
  • "Introducing eBay Express:
    Finally, I want to tell you about a new specialty site called eBay Express that will launch this spring. eBay Express will be an exciting new buying experience, offering items that are available for purchase right away. We think eBay Express will encourage more shopping among our existing buyers, who today may only buy on eBay for certain purposes or types of products. We also think it will attract new buyers to eBay who prefer a more conventional e-commerce shopping experience. "

How did they do in 2006? Well, eBay Express hasn't been mentioned at all since just prior to eBay Live in 2007 and is thought to be a colossal failure and we all know what happened with SIS.

It has been a rough 2 years for eBay, will the changes they roll out in 2008 be an improvement or more of the same. Many sellers are giving them one last chance while others have already decided it doesn't matter what eBay does they have other plans. 2008 is going to be an interesting year.

Just my 5 cents!

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