Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I'm almost giddy this morning, because when I checked yesterday's Blog Utopia statistics on Google Analytics I had for the second time in a week reached over 400 unique visitors and 750 page views. Why am I giddy? Year over Year that is a 4000% increase in unique visitors and a 6300% increase in page views, granted the growth is off of a very, very small base but it is still growth. Reminds me a lot of the early days of Glacier Bay DVD (except with GB I was making money).

Here are some other stats. (Pardon me for my exuberance)
  • Page Views per visit grew from 1 to 1.92 (that's pretty good since a blog has one page of current posts)
  • Avg. Time on the Site was up to 5:42 from 1.15 (that may have been do to eBay's announcements yesterday and my frequent posts).
  • Of yesterday's 402 unique visitors, 39.6% were new to the blog.
  • RSS Subscribers have increased from 2 to 174 and 72% of subscribers interacted with the blog yesterday by reading posts in their reader or linking to the blog from their reader.
  • 28.86% of traffic comes direct through the browser
  • 35.57% from referring sites
  • 35.57% from Search (3.8% of that comes from Google Organic search)
  • 25.88% of the traffic from search comes from keywords "Randy Smythe" or Randy Smythe Blog
  • 4.4% of yesterday's visits came from the Amazon network (Nice to see you on the blog)
  • 2.5% came from the eBay network (Most of my regular eBay readers were kind of busy in Washington DC)

Okay, I know this post seems very self serving, but I'm showing you the stats as a thank you for your support. I had been told by several professional bloggers that it can take up to 2 years before you get any real traction from your blog. It still isn't generating much in revenue but that will come as I continue to grow. I started the blog in Oct of 06 but really didn't commit to it until January of 2007 so it appears that I am ahead of plan.

I would really like to thank eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Overstock, ChannelAdvisor and especially online merchants for giving me plenty to write about. Also, I would like to give out special thanks to Ina Steiner, Scot Wingo, Evan P (that's how everybody knows him) Adam N. and my buddy Kevin Harmon from Inflatable Madness for your support in my efforts. And to my friends at eBay and Amazon who would prefer to be nameless (you know who you are) Thank you.

My goal is to discuss what is happening in the world of ecommerce and share my thoughts with you. Thank you so much for making my first full year a huge success.

Update: Crap, I also forgot to thank my Analyst pals (again you know who you are).

One Last Update: I feel like I'm excepting an Academy Award and I keep forgetting to thank people. Thanks to my regular readers my commenters --Anonymous is the most frequent commenter, Thanks :) Also, thanks to my blogger buddies who link to my posts. There, no more updates. (If I forgot anyone I apologize)


cliff said...

Good going, Randy, congrats. Personally I have your live bookmark on my toolbar. Hopefully you make a few bucks off this site. Ever since Amazon stopped paying commissions for going through your own site I've consciously clicked through to them through the blogs I frequent so hopefully someone gets paid!

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Cliff, I really appreciate you regular commentors. It makes my job very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I gratefully accept the 'Most Frequent Commenter' award and promise to continue posting incisive and whitty comments whenever possible.

Randy, thanks for providing an excellent venue for those of us that wish to speak but must remain anonymous.

Thank you Randy! Keep up the good work!