Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Rumor - eBay in Talks to Buy Korea's GMarket

I can't find a way to embed this video from The Street so I am just linking to it. It is a conversation between The Street contributors Vishesh Kumar & Alix Steel regarding the possibility of eBay buying Gmarket.

There are some great points being made. Enjoy!

Update: Here is another couple of stories on this. It doesn't appear that the idea is getting much traction from the press. These are the only two stories I found.

eBay, Buy This Item Now from The

and from Bloomberg News "Gmarket Inc., a South Korean online auctioneer, jumped $2.15 to $27.05. Yahoo! Inc., owner of the most-visited U.S. Web site, and EBay Inc., the largest online auctioneer, may be interested in buying the auction Web site, the Seoul Economic Daily reported, citing unidentified industry officials."

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