Thursday, January 10, 2008

Overstock's CEO Has His Own Blog!

I came across this little ditty while reading Ina Steiner's Auctionbytes blog. Patrick Byrne, CEO of has his own blog. So, if you ever wanted to read up on "Naked Short Selling" this is the blog for you. There isn't much here about Overstock, the company but it certainly is entertaining reading.

The blog is called

You might want to wear your "Tin Hat" though because you never know ....

Just my 5 cents.


ONLYEBAY said...

You were right about Amazon being interesting in closeout distribution channels. Just not Overstock for the moment.

Randy Smythe said...

Amazon and Woot have been working together already so this made sense. Woot has a pretty clever idea on how to move closeout product.

I spoke with an analyst the other day and he doesn't see Amazon going after Overstock until it can be had for a song. (Which may be very soon)