Wednesday, January 09, 2008

November Traffic Numbers for E-commerce

Nielsen Online has released their November Ecommerce Traffic Numbers and while eBay is still the leader they have seen a 8% drop Y/Y in unique visitors. Amazon on the other hand saw a 10% increase.

Here is the data from the Internet Retailer Site:

Auction site eBay held on to the top spot among shopping sites in November in terms of unique visitors, even though the number of visitors to the site dropped 8% from November 2006., which gained 10% in unique visitors, is steadily closing the gap with eBay.

While eBay led by 15 million unique visitors in September, according to Nielsen figures, by November was within 6 million visitors of taking over the top spot. The top 10 shopping destinations in November, with unique visitors in millions, average time each person spent on the site in hours:minutes:seconds, and visitor growth from a year ago, according to Nielsen Online, were:

Site, Unique Visitors (millions), Avg. Time on the Site, % +/- Y/Y
eBay, 59.04, 2:08:31, -8%
Amazon, 53.63, 0:28:05, 10%
Wal-Mart, 35.00, 0:15:19, 2%
Target, 34.61, 0:10:03, 18%
Best Buy, 22.74, 0:11:37, 8%
Circuit City, 19.14, 0:01:55, 22%
Dell, 18.92, 0:10:03, 18%,18.42 0:11:31, 22%
Sears, 17.81, 0:09:45, -18%
JCPenney, 15.93, 0:17:01, 13%

(Unique visitors count only once each shopper who came to a site, no matter how many times that shopper visited.)

The Average Time on site for eBay is very interesting but may be skewed becasue many eBay Sellers log on in the morning and stay logged on all day so they can conduct business. Amazon sellers don't need to do that.

Just my 5 cents!