Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Favorite eBay Blogs!

Well of course my mostest favorite eBay related blog is the one you are reading, where I like to discuss eBay from the seller perspective. I've begun to cover Amazon more heavily also, as many sellers look to expand there. I like to have fun and speculate, so you won't see many technical or "How To" type posts on the blog. There is plenty of that information available from my other favorite blogs.

  • Auctionbytes.com - Ina Steiner has done a fantastic job covering eBay for many years and has both a news site Auctionbytes.com and a blog, where she can have more freedom to discuss issues. Auctionbytes.com is the #1 source for news about eBay and should be on everybody's reading list (employees, investors, vendors and sellers) I've also noticed that she is covering Amazon a little more. I'm not sure if this a trend or not but it will be good for the industry if she continues to grow her Amazon coverage. BTW, Auctionbytes also has David Steiner pulling stings :) in the background and he will occasionally post on the blog.
  • eBayStrategies - Of course many of you know this is Scot Wingo's blog (CEO of Channel Advisor) and he enjoys posting data on trends as well as the occasional rumor and speculation. There is rarely a dull moment over at the eBayStrategies blog.
  • Tamebay.com - Comes to us from across the pond and is run by Chris Dawson and Sue Bailey, both eBay power sellers. Chris is based in the UK and Sue is based in France. I love reading about the stuff that is happening in eBay's International markets and if there is news about eBay overseas, you will most likely find it at Tamebay. Dan Wilson, also posts "How To" articles about selling on eBay. Dan is a former eBay UK Community manager and has some great ideas.
  • OnlyeBay - OnlyeBay is sort of a mystery to me. The blogger is an investor in eBay and has a "long position", so the focus of the blog is on the positive things that eBay is doing, though there will occasionally be some questioning. It is a great read and has some valuable information for investors. I would recommend that my readers add OnlyeBay to their reading lists. Now if I could only figure out the blogger's identity.

Those are the eBay blogs I checkout each and everyday, sometimes several times a day but in addition to those there are many more great blogs out there. So check out these blogs as well:

There are many more but this will get you started. Hopefully soon, I will have a similar list of blogs focusing on Amazon.


Lizard Wisdom said...

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the mention in your post!

-Marshall and Joli
Lizard Wisdom

Suzanne Wells said...

Randy, thanks so much for listing my blog - I appreciate the thumbs up!

Suzanne Wells
Power Seller King

Sue Bailey said...

Thanks for the mention, Randy :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy...Now if I could only figure out the blogger's identity.

Maybe... Douglas Bowman...

Gary H said...


Thank you for the mention of The Auction Rebel. It's much appreciated.

Gary H