Monday, January 21, 2008

More On eBay's Best Match

I received an email from a seller that sells in one of the 5 categories where Best Match is now the default sort order. His sales have dropped 40% since Best Match was launched.

"We pay to have our items listed at a particular time and end at an exact time. But, WE PAY, regardless of a sale or not. If eBay is going to adopt this supposed “best match” then there should be no cost to list your item, just a FVF, but you couldn’t call It a FVF anymore, it would be more of a CPA. eBay is a Frankenstein now. Some Amazon, some craigslist and all the NO RESPONSIBILITY and NON PRO-ACTIVENESS of the traditional eBay. This is another example of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Our sales have fallen 40% in the past 2 days."

Other sellers are stating similar trends and in fact a vendor who measures GMV, on a daily basis, is showing a drop in GMV in the categories with Best Match as the default (there is not enough data to say this is directly related).

One of my readers recently wrote a post entitled Decoding eBay's Best Match an interesting look at the algorithm behind eBay's Best Match, based on their patent application. It is an interesting read and something all sellers shold take a look at. Best Match is not likely to go away so Sellers should study it and find the best way to present their listings with this new sort order.

As he says in his post: Just remember, the Best Match search algorithm is about making eBay money. They want to feature the auctions that are most likely to result in a click, in a bid, and ultimately a purchase. So they want to put the auctions in front of the potential bidder that are most likely going to result in those actions.

Your objective now is to make sure that eBay puts your auctions at the top of their Best Match search results – so you, along with eBay, get the click, the bid, and the sale.

Unless eBay's metrics take a huge hit from this 5 category test, you can bet that Best Match will become the default sort, site wide. The sellers that find a way to improve their listings in this new environment will come out ahead in the end.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this seller saw an overall 40% drop in ebay sales from CORE only listings, or do you think they saw a 40% drop overall, from core AND store inventory format (assuming the seller uses the store inventory format, as well)...

Randy Smythe said...

The seller that I mentioned only lists in CORE. I hope to update the post after a full week to see what impact the Best Match change has on their sales for the entire week.

tekgems said...

Today is day 7 since the 20c eBay listing day special. Any traffic gains or loss Best Match would need to be factored in with the sale from from Jan 16 until Jan 26. If the seller did not participate, the visibility of his listings would be reduced due to the increased listing volume. Ultimately, many sellers will lose out. Everybody wants to be on page 1, but there's only so much room.

Anonymous said...

We sell Jewelry on Ebay and have seen a 50% drop in sales since the Best Match began. Is there any way to stop this? For now we are planning to stop our interaction with eBay. Over 300,000 in fees was paid by our company in 2008. We had over 80,000 transactions. I guess we will both lose out. I wish they would listen.

Randy Smythe said...

I don't see Best Match going away so your best bet is to find a way to improve your position in sort.

Unfortunately there will be both winners and losers with Best Match. The only one that will truly win everytime is eBay.

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