Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More, More Live Blogging

Sorry about that I had to take care of some business (40 oz. of coffee will do that)

So I missed some of the other questions. Bob Swan is saying that they will re-invest in the marketplace. G&A leverage (may mean layoffs).

Donahoe - Listings growth with multi-item listings will become for prevalent so they are going to concentrate on sold items. (Amen)

Q. on Demand even in spite of the new marketin campaign.

Donahoe - Scale of the sites traffic up up 7% - More talk about the Buyer Experience. Improve the ease and safety on eBay. Not much on marketing. More online then offline (TV)

Bob Swan talking about the lesson they learned from their Non-GMV business to come up with their guidance for 2008

That is the end of the call. More as I get the transcript.

Just my 5 cents!


Sue Bailey said...

Having spent an HOUR today talking a newbie through buying her first five items (all from my store :-) ), anything they do to make eBay easier to use is good by me. Looking through eyes that aren't used to eBay, I suddenly realised just how horribly complicated it is, compared to the average ecommerce website.

Randy Smythe said...

According to Meg eXpress has been successful and Donahoe mentioned they were going to apply what they learned on Express to help the Core site. If I heard that correctly.


Randy - What is your best guess on whether eBay Store fees are going to be adjusted downward? Do you think the lower fees will only be applied to core, or do you think stores will benefit as well?

Randy Smythe said...

Bill - I don't have a guess as to what the new store fees will be. I was just told that they are looking at all fees, including stores. I wish i had a good feeling on how much they will change I just don't