Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Live Blogging.

I'm still trying to get the hang of this. Blogger doesn't seem to be the best tool for live blogging a fluid event but its all I have right now.

Bob Swan is still speaking

  • Talking about PayPal and Skype. Of course the numbers are good.
  • Skype to Skype minutes were up 20% Y/Y Skype Out minutes increased 10% Y/Y
  • Share buyback - Bought 3.2 billion shares already and have approval to buyback an additional 2 billion shares.
  • FX really helped
  • 2008 Guidance is pretty conservative, expect good growth from PayPal, Skype and non-gmv but the growth will be off 2007 levels
  • Operating margin should be 32% in 2008
  • I will go over the details after I have a chance to review the transcript. I can't type fast enough to get it all.
  • $2 to $2.85 Billion in Revenue for the first quarter


Scot Devitt

Q. Talk about eBay Express?

Meg talking about eBay Express and saying it has had a succesful year. eBay Express was the right strategy but not showing it to everybody who visits the site.. More eBay express.

Q. On the coming pricing Adjustments exclude Gallery

John Donahoe - Fee changes will affect both Fixed Price and Auctions

Question on S&H

On S&H they will incentivise sellers to improve speed and price of shipping. (Not much new here, If you have good shipping prices and fast shipping DSRs you will appear higher in search)

Q. Will the Find technology help with the increase in listings.

John is talking about Finding and Best Match. And they have run tests in Korea and in France to handle the increased listings from insertion reductuions.

Q. Reward Loyalty of Top Sellers

John speaking about making it easier for top buyers and PayPal coming in and providing guarantees.

Q. What are the early metrics on what they are seeing in the Best Match test.

Donahoe - Best Match is not a Silver bullet - In France they are seeing positive results on the France site. Roll-out will be aggressive but consious of making big changes to this huge eco-system.

Q. Will Listing Fees be Zero or just reduced. Any colr on the changes.

Donahoe - Listing fees will shift the balance but there will still be insertion fees. Also talking about low listing fees in stores and use this learning to adjust things in CORE.

Q. From Bob Peck are fees going to be sitewide or category specific?

Donahoe, the changes will be sitewide changes and will be announced next week. Each country may be different.


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