Friday, January 18, 2008

eBay's Best Match Not Going Over Well.

We are all used to hearing eBay sellers complain about the latest eBay change, but now its the buyer's turn. Best Match rolled out as the default search in 5 eBay categories on the 16th:

Consumer Electronics
Computers & Networking
Cameras & Photos
Cell Phones & PDAs
Toys and Hobbies

It is still being called a test, so there is still hope that the change won't become permanent. eBay is conducting the test during a .20 cent listing promotion, I would guess so they can get enough data to make accurate assessments with high listing counts.

Change is never enjoyable and on eBay it is often protested, but buyers and sellers have a choice here. If you do not like "Best Match" then make a change to your defalt settings. Let your voice be heard by changing back to the search of your choice. If a large number of users change their default settings then eBay will be forced to re-think this. If only a small number of users change, then Best Match will be the default from here on out.

I don't like Best Match from a seller's perspective because it doesn't give the same exposure for the same fee, but unless it is an outright failure or there is a mass user revolt it will be the default serach from here on out. Users, will either need to adapt or move on.


Anonymous said...

It is now March 4th and eBay's entire site has 'Best Match' as its default. Here's how to change back to 'Ending Soonest':Do a search - with the list of items open, Look in the light grey heading toward the right & click on 'Customize Display'. Next click on the TAB called 'Customize Display'. Scroll down to the bottom & choose something other than Best Match in the Search Sort by: menu. Lastly click Apply Changes. This should fix the Best Match problem.

Anonymous said...

Never use a best match, Why?
Because you can't get the cheapest and best stuff!
When I go on ebay, Ijust want something cheap and decent, what the hell is Best match mean??
I always choose p+p lowest first for buy it now item or ending soonest for auction item

Anonymous said...

Best Match doesn't work for buyers to sellers. It is not helping eBay. They should reconsider before all the buyers and the sellers move on.

Anonymous said...

I was an eBay seller. I had 99% feedback rating and a RAISED search rating. I was doing OK and was encouraged by the potential. So I invested more time and improved my product. I adjusted the description of the listing to reflect the improvements. Then the sales stopped. I found out that Best Match considered it a new product and moved it to the bottom of the search result.

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