Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Week this Week!

It is going to be a big week for news this week as eBay announces fee changes for 2008 and Yahoo, Amazon and Google announce earnings.

  • January 29th and 30th - eBay's eCommerce Summit with about 300 top sellers. Scot Wingo will be at the conference and I'm sure sharing little tidbits as they become available.
  • Jan. 29th - Yahoo announces Q4 earnings after the bell. Expect to hear about job cuts.
  • Jan 30th - Amazon announces Q4 earnings - I would look for a huge Q4 for Amazon but conservative guidance for the rest of 2008.
  • Jan. 31st - Google announces Q4 earnings. Look for a good Q4 but nothing spectacular.

As news and info become available I'll post about it here at My Blog Utopia.

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