Sunday, January 06, 2008

Auctionbytes - Online Buying Survey Results

Ina Steiner, of Auctionbytes, has just published the results of her Online Buyer Survey and the report presents some interesting results.

The report is available at Auctionbytes:

AuctionBytes Report on Online Buying Survey, Part 1
AuctionBytes Report on Online Buying Survey, Part 2

What intrigued me the most, was the information from Part 2, where she compared results from buyers who do not sell online with those of buyers who do.

Here are two key datapoints:

Q. Did you spend more money shopping during the 2007 holiday season in total (offline and/or online) than you did last year?

Respondents who don't sell online. Yes: 41% No: 34% Same amount: 25%
Respondents who do sell online. Yes: 29% No: 48% Same amount: 23%

The data tells me that a large number of online sellers may be facing spending restrictions when compared to non-sellers and reinforces the struggles I'm seeing among eBay sellers.

Q. Types of sites purchased from this holiday shopping season:

Respondents who don't sell online. Amazon 55%, Auction Sites (eBay) 45%
Respondents who do sell online. Amazon 55% Auction Sites (eBay) 65%

In a nutshell, there is eBay's growth problem front and center. Regular consumers prefer Amazon over eBay and spent more money Y/Y while online sellers shopped more on eBay but spent less Y/Y.

Could the answer to eBay's problems be as simple as this: If eBay fixes the seller economics problem they will in effect fix the marketplace growth problem. When sellers are feeling good about the marketplace they will spend more money in the marketplace.

Just my 5 cents!

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