Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements

eBay's Ecommerce Forum began with John Donahoe opening the conference by addressing sellers. Lots of history and thanks for Pierre, Meg, Bill Cobb and Sellers. The event was attended by 200 Top eBay Sellers. Donahoe will touch on the changes but not provide many details. Bill Cobb will come along to provide the details shortly.

Here are some of the key takeaways:
  • Lorrie Norrington will replace Bill Cobb as President of eBay North American Operations.
  • Rajiv Duhta will be taking over for John Donahoe as President of eBay Marketplaces.
  • Scott Thompson will be taking over for Rajiv at PayPal as President.

Buyers want value and selection with great service. For eBay to continue to thrive we all have to be committed to what buyers want.

Sellers want buyers, increased traffic and to be rewarded for developing repeat business and servicing the buyer well.

  • eBay will focus on success rather than listings. Reduce insertion fees for auctions, Fixed Price and Store items.
  • Gallery will be free.
  • Reduction of listing fees will be up to 50% and eBay's overall take rate will come down. The majority of sellers will see lower fees.
  • Reward great seller performance. The level playing field is no longer. eBay is committed to small sellers as well as large sellers. Great sellers will discounts based on buyer satisfaction with up to 15% off FVF.
  • Beginning in March search will advantage sellers with good DSR ratings. "Bad sellers", based on DSR ratings will be disadvantaged.
  • In July, to achieve Power Seller status will need to meet minimum DSR standards.
  • Feedback will be revamped to eliminate Feedback extortion (my words) Sellers will no longer be able to leave Negative feedback for buyers.


John E Middleton said...

I'm really interested in what you have to say about sellers no longer being able to leave negative feedback for buyers. I really don't understand this. If a buyer does not pay, isn't negative feedback warranted? Isn't that the entire reason for feedback?

I'm just a small-time seller (read: when I clean my house) but I like to keep up on these changes.

Anonymous said...

eBay is so wise they have a retiring Bill Cobb be the messenger of the news. There will be no accountability back to him since he will be gone. Lorrie Norrington gets to clean up the mess. If eBay wants increased confidence in the site, perhaps she should be given the opportunity to make her presence known.

As far as sellers leaving retaliatory feedback, why doesn't eBay just eliminate retaliatory feedback. Amazon is so much easier to deal with...why isn't this being addressed.