Thursday, December 13, 2007

PC Guy vs. Mac Guy - Which Guy is eBay and Which is Amazon

I am on record as not liking the eBay "Shop Victoriously" ads and I really think that BBDO, New York under delivered on that campaign. There were 100's of other options that would have been an improvement. Of course, management signed off on the campaign so the blame really should fall on them.

In contrast, the Apple Computer ads with PC Guy vs. Mac Guy are excellent. When I see those ads, I actually stop surfing to watch. After seeing one recently, I was struck by the realization that the ad could just as easily be eBay Guy vs. Amazon Guy but since Amazon doesn't do TV advertising and eBay wouldn't do a similar ad because they would be compared to PC Guy, I don't see anything similar coming from them. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing them anymore either; according to Fresh Intelligence Mac Guy is no longer a part of the campaign going forward because after the initial success the audience began to identify with PCGuy as the underdog. Maybe eBay Guy could be the underdog.

The point is, there are very clever ways to get your message across and the Apple ads were very effective but even they have a shelf life. My suggestion to Michael Linton: when it comes time for the next ad campaign lets think outside the box a little. Maybe hire the Ad agency (TBWA\Chiat\Day ) behind the Apple ads.

Just for fun, here is a recent PCGuy vs. Apple Guy ad. While watching it, just imagine the PCGuy is eBay and the Apple guy is Amazon. Pretty powerful huh? I hope eBay can come up with a much better campaign next time.

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