Monday, December 10, 2007

New From ChannelAdvisor Labs -

There has been a ton of concern from eBay sellers over eBay's Feedback 2.0 and their DSR ratings (5 Star Ratings) and the potential for eBay to use those ratings to advantage or disadvantage their listings in search. Many sellers are stressing out over what all of this means to their business. Thanks to the good folks at ChannelAdvisor Labs now sellers can track their DSR ratings to 2 decimal points and see where they stack up with the rest of eBay with

This tool is very slick and will help sellers to monitor their DSR ratings more effectively, so they can improve any areas that may be falling into the bottom group of sellers. DSR ratings are here to stay and will eventually be used to advantage or disadvantage seller listings; this tool will help sellers monitor how they are doing.


Pippi said...

Is there anyway to tell what ratings were given by transaction?

I've had some concerns about this system, but since I started on in eBay in 2003, the FB system is always something I've questioned - I think it's improved but has a lot more room for improvement.

Now the DSR - I checked my ID on the DSRWatch (the DSR hasn't shown up in my Feedback profile on eBay yet) On the DSRWatch, I see that 5 members have rated me and I have a 5 rating on everything except shipping and handling which is rated at 4.75. Amazing! I charge exact postage plus 50cents handling on every item!

Anonymous said...

As a buyer, I would like to feel that my ratings are anonymous, so that a seller that ships/postmarks my item two weeks late cannot blame me for his star ding, and sellers who can't be bothered to correspond with buyers over common courtesies such as when my item shipped can't neg me because I gave them less than a perfect mark in communication.

Many sellers do a horrible job packing; NEVER communicate with the buyer during the entire sale; and then wonder why they get low marks. So what if you ship my item lightning fast; if it arrives damaged, if you did a horrible job packing it, my insurance isn't going to cover it, as the post office will not cover such damage. Sellers who say "I am not responsible for damaged packages" are WRONG.

I wish more sellers had been buyers, so they would know what buyers expect in a seller.