Friday, December 07, 2007

Key Executives Out At Infopia!

I've recently learned that at least 2 members of the executive team for Infopia, a Salt Lake City Auction Service Provider, have left the company along with several other employees; including the company's Controller.

Ralf VonSosen, Vice President, Marketing and Catherine Cherubino, Vice President, Business Development have left the company and there has been no announcement regarding their replacements or the reason they are leaving.

The two are still listed on the Executive Team profile on the company's website. The press contact email on the site just bounced back to me so my attempts to get information are ongoing.
I won't speculate as to the reasons for the departures but will update this post as more information becomes available.

Update: Ralf apparently left 2 weeks ago and as of this update is no longer on the Executive Team page at their website. Catherine's picture is still there though. maybe until my next update.


Ralf VonSosen said...

Clarification on the departure of Ralf VonSosen. Ralf moved from the Bay Area to Salt Lake for Infopia. This was done knowing that it may not be ideal for one of his four children due to a heart condition and the altitude in Salt Lake. Ralf and his family recently decided that they need to move back to a lower altitude (they are moving to Boise). Therefore, Ralf and Infopia have chosen to part ways.

There you have it. From me, Ralf VonSosen.

Randy Smythe said...

Ralf, thank you so much for clarifying that. I wish you and your family well.


old infopia customer said...

Good luck Ralf.

evanp.on.ebay said...


Glad to hear the decision was yours. Can you please email or call Sandra or myself?


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