Tuesday, December 11, 2007

eBay's Green Monday!

I was doing my normal early afternoon surfing today when I came across an eBay press release about Green Monday, of course I was surprised when I read that Green Monday was actually yesterday. So I searched Google news for stories on "Green Monday". According to the eBay press release the second Monday of Dec. is the busiest shopping day of the year. Well, apparently nobody else realizes this. There were a total of 4 current news stories (all referencing the eBay press release) and one of them was posted on Dec 7th.

All of the blog posts referencing Green Monday were from November except of course this one. All of this got me wondering. Is eBay trying to create something where nothing really exists?. Is the second Monday in Dec really anything bigger than Cyber Monday?

We've all heard of Cyber Monday and Black Thursday but not much about"Green Monday" supposedly the busiest day of the year on eBay. You would think if that was the case some people would be talking about it.


chris@tamebay.com said...

Hey Randy, Scot Wingo thinks it was a pretty busy day - beat Cyber Monday by $1,400,000 GMV

Randy Smythe said...

Chris, that's good news for sellers. It may take a few years for "Green Monday" to grab hold of the press.

Suzanne Wells said...

Hey,Randy. I've always thought Cyber Monday was conjured up out of thin air. The term came about years ago when most people didn't have internet access at home, and had to wait until the Monday after T-giving to get to work and start their on-line shopping. That doesn't apply now as internet access is pretty much everywhere.

Anyway, as an active eBay seller, I have heard in previous years that December 10, whatever day of the week it may fall on, is the busiest on eBay. December 10 gives shoppers 2 weeks to receive their items in time for Christmas. I didn't know that it had a name, though. What will they come up with next?


Suzanne Wells
Power Seller King

bonni said...

Cyber Monday is an urban legend. In fact: "The term "Cyber Monday" is only a few years old (having been coined in 2005), and in neither of the last few years was it close to being the biggest online shopping day of the year — that honor went to December 12 (a Monday) in 2005, and December 13 (a Wednesday) in 2006." And also, "As BusinessWeek noted in 2005, the term was something created by a retailers association as a promotional scheme".

More: http://www.snopes.com/holidays/thanksgiving/cybermonday.asp

In this case, eBay isn't actually making stuff up. They're just going against the urban legend about "Cyber Monday" and going more with the real statistics that show the middle of December as the busiest days for online shopping.

Chalk one up for eBay's research team, I guess (or maybe they just read the Urban Legend Reference Pages at Snopes).